"If you’re in need of an album to soundtrack the beauty and absurdity of life, look no further than France. This is a record enriched by odyssey, intrigue and above all – uniqueness." - Happy Mag


"Produced by Shane O'Mara, this is a record of glorious subtleties and emotional depth" - Jeff Jenkins - The Music


"That’s what makes it such an intriguing record, it fuses the storytelling of the likes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young with a more modern observational approach akin to Courtney Barnett. Ultimately, If honesty was a commodity Jethro Pickett would have an abundance of it" - Goldenplec  


"Global, mystical, broad and reflective" Right Chord UK


"Pickett's major strengths lie in his ear for melody and harmony, with the breezier songs like The Mystic's Trip and Thank You Where Did You Go?backdropped by weighty, sumptuous vocal arrangements, and in penning delightful, rollicking alt-country gems, like Everything and Lorelei." - Sydney Morning Herald

Jeff Jenkins' 'Hot Album' feature in The Music Magazine, April 2018.

From Tasmania's Mercury newspaper, 26th January 2017:

Review from Dublinconerts.ie of the performance at Castlepalooza festival's Metro Stage, August 3 2013;

Tasmanian born Jethro Pickett and band arrived on stage at about one hundred miles an hour off a flight from their last
gig in Pisa, Italy; they barely made it on time to play. As Jethro and the band began to play they had us from “hello”.
Vocals that honeyed upon us smoothly and similar to “Nick Cave” and “Johnny Cash” alongside keys and slide guitar, they
exquisitely delivered their folk sounding tunes. “You Were My Queen” is very heart warming and authentic. Gospel is another aspect of his song noticeable within “She’s Like A Dream”. A strong wordsmith “I tried so long, I crashed so low” – he’s got a lot going on here. We will miss his warm sound, the crowd loved his easy going folk music while they relaxed on the floor in the tent. Pickett’s doing a bit a of a European tour at the moment next up after Castlepalooza is Oxford, Horsham and London in the UK.  Check out Jethro Pickett (he’s relatively new to soundcloud), this man is the real thing,  you have a new fan in me.

By the Time I Get to Wilmot;

"Jethro Pickett has produced a marvellous country-soul album of aural pleasure." - Eirecana

"It's music with its roots far back in time, delivered with a lot of personality, keeping the melodies always at the core.So sit back and listen. Don’t press anything but play and let Jethro Pickett be the soundtrack to your life" - ifoundmusic.com


"Pickett delivers 10 great Americana numbers" " The whole record is reminiscent of the Californian canyon of the 1970’s" - Alt Country.nl


"Fleeting glimpses of Dylan, John Prine and Nick Drake float in and out of Pickett’s songs" - Goldenplec


Eirecana - A taste of America, brewed in Ireland -  http://americanaireland.blogspot.ie/2012_10_01_archive.html
Jethro Pickett

 It just so happens that it is a cold, October Monday evening and I was trying to find some music to blog about when I just came across Jethro Pickett randomly. It also just so happens that Jethro Pickett make the perfect music to while away a cold Monday evening in late October.

Jethro Pickett is not the name of a musical offspring of Jethro Tull but actually the name of a Tasmanian native who has been playing music for a few years and is now based in Dublin. Yes, I too am jealous that Jethro Pickett is his real name. It's almost as if his parents foresaw that he would be destined to make lush americana at his birth and named him accordingly.

The debut album has been recorded and is due out soon. The soundcloud page has a few of the tracks to stream. All the tracks suggest an artist full of talent with roots deep in americana. The songs are filled with organ, slide guitar and vocals full of warmth; the musical equivalent of an evening in beside an open fire on a cold autumn day as the mist comes down.

One of my favourites is "A Tale from the Hills". It gently building with Jethro's soft vocals, the song mergers into a glowing compliment of Wurlitzer and heightening organ. This song suggest that Jethro is on the verge of creating a new genre: soul-americana.

I originally came across Jethro from the videos released by Band Wagon TV from the Ballinamore Fringe Festival. You can find a live version of "Dream and Be Safe" and a interview here. "Dream and Be Safe" immediately caught my attention. A gentle, warm song, built around a perfect little note progression, with haunting vocal harmonies, it is 101 seconds of pure bliss.

Jethro and his fellow band members Ursula Woods (Wurlitzer and harmonies) and David Ferriter (acoustic, electric and slide guitars) are doing gigs on and off. The best thing is to keep an eye out on the official website here. And the Facebook if you would like to make social media contact.